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About PlainVanillaShell.com

PlainVanillaShell was designed to be an information hub for the retail and development industry.  To that end, the site features continually-updated news, hand-selected for relevance and value to our members.  Thought-provoking, informative editorial provides insights and perspectives that could well provide a competitive edge.  The site even provides a venue for members of the community to make deals - or simply make contacts - on its Marketplace page.

Perhaps most importantly, PlainVanillaShell offers online access to the invaluable data in The Retail Tenant Directory.  For over 30 years, brokers, leasing agents, suppliers, and innumerable others have depended on the detailed and painstakingly-accurate data that makes up the RTD.

PlainVanillaShell offers its members free access to search the entire Retail Tenant Directory database - and summarize the number of retailers that meet certain basic parameters. Complete access to the online database - which is updated weekly, provides all the details on every retailer profiled - is available on a subscription basis.

A product of Retail Tenant Inc., PlainVanillaShell was built on a solid base of decades of experience in research and analysis.

No one can match the years of experience, quality of data and comprehensive view of the industry found in the online subscription based Retail Tenant Directory.



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